Blueberry Basil Gin Mojito

What better way to start things off than a mojito?

This is my first blog post ever in English, and it isn’t even my second language – it’s actually my third – so everyone try to be easy on me if I seem slightly off. It’s not ’cause I’ve had too many gin mojitos, I’m just Finnish.

I live in the beautiful Nordic capital of Finland, Helsinki. Originally I’m from a small town in the Finnish west coast called Rauma. I like to spend a lot of time there every late summer and early autumn, mostly because they have absurd amounts of blueberries growing everywhere. Every summer I pick my own weight in fresh berries and now my freezer is filled to the brim with those beautiful blue things. That’s why this traditionally rum based cocktail gets a makeover with a little help from gin, basil and fresh Finnish blueberries!


1.5 oz (5cl) gin

1 slice of lemon

2 slices of lime

1 tablespoon sugar

6-8 basil leaves

sparkling water


How to:

Start by mixing the lemon, lime, sugar and basil in a glass or bowl. Crush and press them so the juice from the citrus mixes with the sugar and the bruised basil gives off a strong aroma.

Fill a glass with ice and pour the gin on the bottom. Add the crushed citrus-basil-sugar mixture through a sieve to keep the cocktail beautiful and clear. Finish by filling the glass with sparkling soda water, a slice of lemon and some fresh blueberries. The berries give the cocktail a beautiful purple hue when they break down – you can do this while preparing the cocktail or just let it happen on its own while drinking!


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